About TeenKIT

Life can be tough. Adults (eventually!) develop ways to roll with the punches. But it takes time and experience to become resilient – something the teens in our lives have not had enough of yet. Latest figures show that around one in seven children and young people experience a mental health issue each year, with 50% of those concerns emerging before the age of 14.

Mindfulness is now a well-established technique in schools for achieving calmness and improving emotional wellbeing in students. It’s also shown to increase social and self-awareness, emotional self-regulation​, confidence, and resilience, as well as reducing the severity of depression, anxiety and ADHD​.

TeenKIT was established by Lovatts Media – Australia’s leading wellbeing publisher – in response to countless requests from educators and experts for access to practically actionable mindfulness resources for young people. Drawn from the much-loved and motivating pages of Teen Breathe and KIT magazines, TeenKIT’s range of free resources and lesson plans offer many benefits:

  • Perfect for year 3-10 students
  • Trustworthy, timesaving, and engaging information
  • Motivates young students to embrace mindfulness in a conversational and relatable way
  • Complements classroom learning on mindfulness, emotions & resilience, creative writing, and environmental facts

Teen Breathe and KIT are beautifully crafted bi-monthly magazines that promote mindfulness as the basis of a happier, healthier, and more authentic life. Teen Breathe and KIT are both loved and trusted by experts, educators, parents, and teens for their unique approach of delivering highly motivating, insightful stories and engaging prompts, seamlessly woven with advice and guidance on how teens can thrive every day. Our resources will support you in helping young people feel stronger and more independent in themselves and their learning.

Teen Breathe

Proudly Australia’s #1 teens mindfulness magazine, Teen Breathe is the go-to guide for teen and tween girls of ages 8 to 15+, inspiring readers to be mindful in everything that they do – from mindful movement, friendship, creative writing, crafting, caring for the environment and everything in between. Brimming with insightful stories, positivity, inspiring prompts to learn more about their unique selves, and plenty of ideas to get creative.

Learn more at TeenBreathe.com.au

KIT Magazine

Created with teen boys in mind, KIT is a motivating adventure-focused magazine and personal development guide designed to give teens of ages 9 to 16+ the inspiration, strength, courage and confidence to face daily challenges, take control of their passions and change the world. Featuring inspiring stories, environmental facts, and interviews with young role models, all seamlessly woven with advice on how they can thrive in their own daily lives.

Learn more at KitMagazine.com.au

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About Lovatts Media

TeenKIT was established by Lovatts Media – Australia’s most successful independent mindfulness and wellbeing publisher, with over 30 magazine titles that are distributed in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

From our early days as crossword magazine pioneers, Lovatts Media now leads the mindfulness category with the continuous expansion of our lifestyle magazine portfolio. Guided by our collective belief in conscious and ethical living, our print magazines and digital brands cover a wide range of interests, including wellbeing, mindfulness, health, food, creativity, travel, sustainability, culture and community.

Lovatts Media’s mindful collective of brands include: Breathe, Teen Breathe, Mindful Parenting, KIT Magazine, Mindful Puzzles, Nourish: plant-based living, Lovatts Inklings, Mindful Planner, VeganBeauty, Australian Natural Health and Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles.

Learn more at www.LovattsMedia.com